Rental policy

  • Rental Rates

Rental rates are based on time out, whether used or not used. They are daily rates (per 24 hours) unless otherwise noted. Longer-term rates can also apply if requested.

Rental rates are subject to change without notice.

  • Reservations

A 50% security deposit is required to secure a reservation, at least for the first rental with us.
There is no limit of time to make a reservation. All Rental Equipment are subject to availability
upon confirmation. Balance payment will be collected upon delivery by cash or cheque. Please
make sure you have exact amount.

  • Cancellations

A two-weeks notice is required for all cancellations to get a full refund. All orders cancelled with
less than 14 days notice will give up their 50% deposit. Orders cancelled less than 3 days before
the day of pick up or delivery will be responsible for the entire amount.

  • Payment Terms

We gladly accept crossed cheque, cash or banking transfer 7 days maximum before the rental date.

Then, we accept only cash and cheques depending on our business history on the delivery day. The balance has to be paid upon collection or delivery.

  • Transportation

During office hours, delivery charges will be 58 SGD each way for a Van and 100 SGD for a Lorry.
Office hours: 9:30am – 6pm from Monday to Saturday. There is a 30 SGD overcharge on Sunday and between 6pm and midnight and before 9:30am on week days. Please advise if there is no service lift, then we may need to quote you extra labor. Customer will be charged for excessive waiting time due to Customer’s neglect or delay.

  • Delivery & Collection

All dinnerware, flatware, glassware are delivered clean (but not polished). Our delivered items (quality and quantity) must be checked and accepted by the customer unless we are notified immediately.
If the customer wants to declare missing or damaged rental items on delivery after our staff departure, we will analyze the demand on a case-by- case basis.
For collection, they should be rinsed, food free and repacked in the same containers as delivered for sanitary reasons. If you do not have water access point, an extra cleaning charge will be incurred (100 SGD per 1000 items / 100 SGD minimum).

If the delivery location requires to bring up the items without lift, an extra charge of 30 SGD per manpower will be charged.
We do not provide set up and take down services.

  • Self collection & return

Self collection & Self delivery are allowed at our doorstep under certain conditions :
– Administration fee : 15 SGD
– If total rental amount is <200 SGD and does not include any furniture, kitchen equipment and
– From Monday to Friday : office hours
– Gap of 1 hour for collection & return, exceed this delay you will be charge 5 SGD/hour.
– Trolley rental cost : 15 SGD (optional)

  • Loss & Damage

The customer is responsible for all tableware and equipment from the time of delivery to the time of return to our staff.
The customer must keep all items out of bad weather and in secure place. Our company does charge at replacement costs for missing, broken, burned or damaged items. Replacement costs for damaged and missing items are written on the invoice.

  • Marketing

By signing this quotation, I autorize FU LUXE PTE LTD to use my company logo on and its facebook fan page.

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