One-Stop Rental Solutions For Drinking & Dining Anywhere

We provide extensive professional rental equipment, featuring crockery, cutlery, glassware, buffet ware etc. Our products come in different ranges to suit your budget, turning your event into one of class and sophistication.

Our story

Recognizing the dissatisfaction of customers with existing rental companies in Singapore, we took the initiative to establish our own rental business. Leveraging our extensive experience in the F&B industry, we’ve garnered valuable insights into clients’ preferences and fine-tuned our services to surpass their expectations.

ECE Rental operates under the Fuluxe group, benefiting from Fuluxe’s extensive expertise in the industry.

As a distinguished distributor of tableware, biodegradable food packaging and sustainable water system, Fuluxe boasts a diverse inventory that empowers ECE Rental to cater to various event needs in Singapore.

Our Mission

To provide you with the best rental service possible, allowing you to fully enjoy your event anywhere in Singapore. We understand the importance of peace of mind during event preparations, and our dedicated team is committed to promptly addressing your requests within a maximum of 24 hours.


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Whom We Serve

FOOD & BEVERage business

What We Offer

We address a market gap by offering affordable, premium-quality tableware, addressing issues of low-quality, expensive options, and subpar customer service.

Our commitment includes ensuring cleanliness for a superior customer experience.

Drink ware
Buffet ware
Premium Collection
Table and Chairs



01 Agent One Pte Ltd

High Ball Glasses, Rock Glasses

02The Peak Magazine Gastronomic Series

Chinaware/ Flatware/ Glassware

03Restaurant Pub & Bar

All Glassware

04Diner En Blanc Singapore Media Event

Plates, Cutlery, Glasses, Napkins, Tables, Linen & Chairs

If we do not list it,
ask for it!

We understand that each event has unique requirements, and we strive to accommodate your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Initially, we will communicate with you to identify the best solution that aligns with your requirements. Next, we will send you details and images of the products that you are interested in. We can also arrange an on-site meeting to showcase our products.
  2. Once you accept our commercial offer, you are required to sign the quotation and proceed with full payment to secure the order.
  3. We offer delivery services (with an additional cost) or you may collect the rental items from our warehouse the day itself or days before. Full payment of the invoiced amount must be made before obtaining the rental items.
  4. You are responsible for taking care of the rental items to prevent any damage or loss while they are in your possession.
  5. Upon return, either we will collect the rental items or you can bring them back to our warehouse. We will check the items for any damage or loss:
  6. If there are no issues, we will sign the delivery note indicating no reported damage or loss.
  7. In the event of damages or losses, we will document it on the delivery note. Both you, as the customer, and our staff will sign this document. Subsequently, we will generate a new invoice for the broken or lost products.
  8.  Additional replacement costs must be settled upon collection or within a maximum of 7 days following the rental date.

We accept PayNow and bank transfers, provided it is made at least 2 days before the rental date. Beyond this period, we only accept PayNow.

Our quotation usually includes the rental rate per item and event day.However, exceptional events can be quoted differently on a case-by-case basis. Longer-term rates can be arranged upon request.

Cleaning fees, for hygienic purposes, are compulsory and quoted separately. Additional services such as transport, set up and take-down can be added.

We are always committed to helping our customers. If additional services are required, we will try to meet your expectations.

Please contact us for specific pricing as it varies based on several criteria. Our service pricing policy strictly covers our costs, and nothing more.

The cleaning service is automatically added. While we charge for cleaning to maintain high hygiene standards, you must rinse the rental items and return them free of food residue in line with hygienic catering practices.

We do not arrange the table settings.

Our products are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. To ensure availability, we highly recommend our customers confirm the order by returning the signed Terms and Conditions and quotation in writing. Of course, we will strive to help even if you confirm the order one day before the rental depending on our inventory.

There is no minimum quantity, we are pleased to assist with even a single item.

The customer bears full responsibility for the rental items during the full rental period (from collection to return). Our quotations state a replacement cost per item for any losses or damages.

Yes, we allow self-collection and self-return. Please refer to our rental policy for our terms and conditions.

Dinnerware and flatware are transported in baskets wrapped in plastic film, while glasses are transported in racks. These containers must be returned with the rental products.

We aim to respond promptly (within 24 hours). To provide an official quotation, we require the list of needed items (with quantities), event date and time, billing entity and company name, delivery location, delivery and collection times, and Point of Contact information.

Once we receive this information, we will check our inventory and send our best and final offer for your rental.