What are your opening hours?

For any enquiry by phone, customers can reach us without any restriction during office hours from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm (from Monday to Saturday).
For any events taking place before 9:30 am and/or after 6:00 pm, we can provide a full support by phone. Our main focus is to be flexible to your convenience.

How do I rent items from you? What is the whole process?

  1. First, we find with you the best solution that meets your needs. We send you the details of the products and pictures. We can also arrange a meeting on site to show you the products.
  2. Once you accept our commercial offer, you have to sign the quotation and proceed the payment to secure the reservation (we ask for a 50% deposit at least for the first rental).
  3. We deliver (with an additional cost) or you come to our warehouse to collect the rental items the d-day or days before. The full payment of the amount invoiced is made before leaving the rental items to the customer.
  4. You enjoy our rental items and take care of them in order to avoid any damage and loss.
  5. We pick up or you bring back the rental items to our warehouse. We check if the rental items were not damaged and / or lost:
    1. If everything is alright, we sign the delivery note without any notified damage and loss.
    2. If some damages and losses occurred, we notify the damaged and / or loss items on the delivery note. Both customer and our staff sign this slip. Then we can issue a new invoice for broken/ lost products.
  6. You have to pay the extra replacement costs upon collection or within 7 days maximum following the rental date.

How soon before the rental date should I confirm the order?

Our products are offered on a first come first served basis. To be sure about availability we highly recommend our customers to confirm the order by sending us back our Terms and Conditions and quotation signed in writing.
Of course, we will always be very glad to help you even if you confirm the order one day before the rental depending on our available inventory.

How can I pay my rental?

We accept cash, cheques and bank transfers maximum 5 days before the rental date. After this limit, we only accept cash and cheques.

Is there a minimum quantity to rent?

There is no minimum quantity, we would be glad to help from one single item.

What are the rental rates bases?

Our quotation usually includes a rental rate per item and per day (per 24 hours). This rental rate is based on time out of our inventory. Exceptional events can be quoted differently on a case-by-case basis.

Cleaning fees (for hygienic purpose) are compulsory and quoted aside.

Extra services can be added like transport, setup and take down.

We are always ready to help our customers. If they need other services, we will always try to meet their expectations.

How much are cleaning, delivery, pick up, setup and take down services?

We suggest you to contact us, it depends on many criteria. Service price policy is strictly to cover our costs, no more.

Can I manage the transport by myself?

Yes we do allow self collection and self return. Please refer to our rental policy to check our conditions.

Can I clean the rental items by myself?

The cleaning service is automatically added. We always charge our customers for cleaning because we want to ensure a high hygiene standard. However, you must rinse the rental items and return them food free related to hygienic catering practice.

Who is responsible for damaged and loss items?

The customer is fully responsible for the rental items during the full rental period (from collection to return). Our quotations state a replacement cost per item which applies for any items lost or damaged.

How do you transport rental items to protect them from damage and keep them clean?

Dinnerware and flatware are transported in baskets wrapped in plastic film. Moreover, glasses are transported in racks. Those baskets, containers and racks have to be returned with the rental products.

Do you make the table setting and setup of other items?

We do not make the table setting.

What should I do in case of any problems or missing items during the event?

Every customer for every project has a dedicated project manager to help you with any questions. Feel free to call your project manager.

What is the information should I give in order to have a quick quotation?
We always try to answer to your requests as soon as possible (24 hours maximum). In order to send an official quotation, we need the following details: the list of the needed items (with quantities), the date of the event, the time for delivery and collection and the exact address of delivery.

Once we receive those details, we are able to check our inventory and send you our best and final offer for your rental.

Further questions ? Send us a message here.