Rent in Singapore

  • Why choosing Ece Rental?

If you need to rent F&B equipments in Singapore, Ece Rental is the contractor you need. Our company is reliable and offers cheap rental prices with very good level of services. Every detail can be personalized and each of our customer is important to us.
We can offer you a large range of product if you need to rent F&B equipments for both private and professional events of any size.
Our flexibility allows us to adapt our offer to your needs, your timing, your date and your location in Singapore.
All our items are “ready-to-use”: we have a standard sanitizing service for all tableware and glassware. You simply return them rinced. Our desire is to give you the best service and let you enjoy your event. We want to ensure you a peace of mind all along the preparation of your event.
Our team is committed to answer as soon as possible to your requests (in 24hours maximum).

We can also advise on quantities to be ordered and on the equipment needed for a BBQ, a cocktail, a home catering party or a banqueting with many guests. If the catering service you work with do not provide the F&B equipments you need, we perfectly understand your needs and will help you to define them.
If you have any question concerning services or any information about logistic, prices, hours, quantities, kindly contact us on our contact page.
We also accept last minute requests.

  • More about us

Having already knowledge of this market and knowing that customers of rental companies were not satisfied, we decided to start our own rental business.
We know now what the client is looking for and we know how to perfectly meets his expectations. Our range of tableware products combined with good services are the key to success.
We are continuously enlarging and developing our range of glassware, dinnerware, chinaware, tableware.

  • What kind of products do we provide?

Ece Rental provide a large range of dinnerware, glassware, tableware, chinaware, drinkware, crockery, flatware, cutlery and other F&B items like chafing dishes, tumblers, punch bowls, ice, wine & champagne buckets.
We also rent table and chairs : Long table (for buffets, BBQ or dinners), round tables, cocktail tables, tiffany chairs, plastic chairs and other furniture.
You can find the detailed list of our products below.

  • Who usually rents tableware, glassware or cutlery in Singapore?

As we wish to offer our services to everybody, we work with both companies (food caterers, restaurants, event companies, etc) and individuals.
Do you need some extra rice bowls or any other equipment in small quantities? Our company provides it!
Are you organizing a reception for more than 400 guests? We can provide you with plates, cutlery, glasses, wine glasses or champagne glasses for instance.
Are you a restaurant or a bar organizing an exceptional party? Do you need extra rock glasses? No worries, we can help you.

  • In which cases do we rent dish plates, glasses, forks or spoons?

Our large offer of tableware allows us to propose you all the equipment you require for any kind of events: cocktails, home caterings, banquetings, barbecues, tea parties, garden parties, birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, institutional meetings, breakfast talks, private dinings, seminars, conferences, Chinese new year eves… We are used to work for these occasions with food caterers to complete their catering services and also directly with companies or private people.

  • Why renting instead of buying disposable tableware?

If you need to buy any type of chinaware, glassware or cutlery for example and you plan to use it only a few times, you must consider rental solutions!

– Eco-friendly :

Nowadays, we need to care about our environment. For this reason, disposable tableware is definitely not eco-friendly especially that people often take more than one glass, one plate, one fork and one knife during the event, because they break easily for example. What is a huge waste! So protect our environment and rent Ece Rental’s F&B equipment!

– A hygienic solution :

Our products are cleaned at a high temperature regarding the cleaning standards. And you do not have to care about cleaning them. So the main argument of disposable tableware, which is “no need to clean”, is no longer true.

– Elegant & Good value for money :

Disposable plates, wooden flatware or plastic glassware for instance are less convenient for eating and drinking whereas real plates, bowls, tumblers, cutlery, champagne glasses or wine glasses are much nicer and more elegant than disposable ones for a low cost.